Three folk country tracks for your midweek

Grace Gonzalez – “Out of Commission”
-This is a wonderful song at the confluence of jazz, country, and folk music. Grace Gonzalez has a lovely, earthy, real voice. In a world with so many autotuned styles, it’s nice to hear a band where the standup bass still shakes the room a little and the lead vocal makes you feel something deep inside. I adore the stop and start phrasing to punctuate the lyrical work. This one just hits so genuinely. Share it with a friend!

Taylor Hollingsworth – “Over You”
-Was this song recorded in Bakersfield, California? My notes don’t say but they do call him a pure “bluesman.” I’ll buy that. Hollingsworth is a next level solid Americana artist. I just thought the Buck Owens flavor on this one was too good not to include in a country music playlist. I’ll be watching Hollingsworth’s work closely. It’s good and right on the verge of being great!

Marcus Lee – “Not for you”
-I couldn’t decide if I thought this song was more country or folk, but I guess it’s both. There’s even a gospel hue to the tune in some places. The overall composition is something that I really enjoy. I’m inspired by the vocal harmonies that are often missing in modern country. There’s a bit of a modern polish to this recording that makes me want to hear it as a more old time acoustic style, but I still dig it. What do you think? Is this country, folk, or something different altogether?

Image Credit: Grace Gonzalez IG

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