The Week’s Best Tracks

Baby Queen – “Pretty Girl Lie”

This is probably one of our favorite discoveries of 2020. The music of Baby Queen is an incredibly artful cultural commentary that is scathing as much as it is danceable. Her last single, “Buzzkill”, won us over immediately while “Pretty Girl Lie” is a little more pop infused and vulnerable. Her newest track shows just how deep her songwriting can go. We feel big things are in store for this incredible new artist.

Luke Tarmey – “Stranger”

We appreciate this timely new single from the introspective singer songwriter Luke Tarmey. It’s subtle psych elements, mixed with a darker California rock vibe, shows an introspection that we admire greatly. The track was written during the pandemic lockdown, giving it an extra vulnerable beauty. Tarmey says the track was “influenced by my time working with people experiencing psychosis, and the strange fragmentation that I felt within myself whilst wandering the deserted streets of my hometown.” There is a lot to like here and we think listeners will appreciate his reflective style.

Jeen – “Idols”

After busking as a teen on the streets of Toronto, this talented songwriter has crafted a style that is unique and engaging. Since those days, her career has taken off with the praise of NPR and Billboard. With a new album on the way, her key track “Idols”, is an incredible tour de force as well as introduction to the exceptional talent. Mixing dreamy indie pop, with rock sensibilities, Jeen is a surefire spitfire that demands your attention. Fans of Jenny Lewis and Tegan and Sara, are sure to hear a kindred spirit.

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