Incredible Folk You NEED

Washburn and the River – “Piperville”

Some days, we all need a little soothing art to comfort our lonely days. This one reminds us of some of the introspective joy we gain from acts like Fleet Foxes. The young songwriter is prepping a Fall ’20 release that is sure to be rich with folk textures and transcendent beauty. “Breathe in / breathe out” sings the artist, which may be the best reminder in the current season of life we find ourselves in. This is an impressive display of creative and emotive songwriting.

Our Man in the Field – “Easy Going Smile”

Our Man in the Field, also known as Alexander Ellis, serves a near perfect example of genre transcendence with “Easy Going Smile”. Channeling favorites like Neil Young and David Gray, the artist blew us away with vocals that continue to develop and impress throughout the track. Without a dull moment, the track builds in instrumentation and emotive vocals that lead to a beautiful conclusion. If you have a heartbeat, and are looking for exceptional works of art, then here it is.

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