Three folk songsters to put on your playlist

Age of the Bear – “Have yet to die”
-If you’re looking for acoustic folk music, consider Age of the Bear. There’s a relaxing sentiment here that will pull you in right away. I am impressed by the easy going blending in the vocals here. The lyrics are about how difficult it is to be critical, but how refreshing it is to still be here despite the odds. It’s really good.

N. Kerbin – “A boy and a man and a satellite”
-The fingerpicking on this track got my attention right away. Then the effect on the vocal made me lean in a bit extra to follow. It’s a beautiful, atmospheric, peaceful style. Fans of baseball will appreciate the nostalgia of the song. This is a weird October at the end of the strangest baseball season in our lifetimes, but the sense of not wanting to be alone is pretty darn timeless. This is a slice of heaven.

JJ Shiplett – “All comes back to you”
-The narrative folk/Americana style of this track puts me in mind of modern greats like Jason Isbell and David Ramirez. “She’s her own kind of free” was a line I wasn’t fully expecting. There’s a sentiment about love and romance on this one that will connect with a lot of people. If you’ve ever met someone special who keeps you grounded while also being your sense of adventure, this song will hit hard. I love the instrumentation and vocal, but the overall composition is brilliant.

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