Three peaceful neoclassical pieces to bring calm

Tim Tulsa – “Then”
-There’s something inherently graceful about this piece. The left hand has a beautiful seemingly simple waltz time to keep the movement. The right hand shows an expressive melody that makes me wonder. The two come together for a delightful neoclassical piece that is, essentially, why I like writing about this genre so much. It’s expressive, unique, and wonderfully effective in calming my spirit.

David King – “Momentum”
-This is truly a piece with movement. I think the title “Momentum” is perfect for the rapid pace of the piano work here. I particularly enjoy how the piece feels like it’s building upward. It reminds me of construction in layers, like bricklaying, where there is a sense of progress as you build in a given direction. It’s complex and rewarding; give it a spin. Piano players will be “wowed” by this one.

Pierre Oberkampf – “Valse Iente”
-The unconventional rhythm here really makes Oberkampf’s work stand out. I appreciate the moving piano and unique overall composition. The style isn’t as hypnotic and calming as stereotypical neoclassical music, but the innovation is what draws me to this one. I think folks interested in unique composition style will really enjoy Oberkampf’s writing here.

Image courtesy: David King IG

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