Three unique acts redefining the “pop” genre

Peach Luffe – “Golden Parachutes”
-The glowing production style of this track caught my attention right away. The vocal work is really exemplary on this tune. I’m fairly certain the lyrics are sardonic on this one. I won’t dig too much into my interpretation here, but let’s just say the feel good vibe of the composition is enough, regardless of what you think the lyrics are really about. It’s dreamy and fun. The woodwind instrument (sorry, I can’t quite identify it) gives it a vintage 60s vibe, mixing the past with futuristic production elements. It’s a hit!

Dylan Dunlap – “What we had”
-I know what you’re thinking — this is an acoustic singer songwriter with a nostalgic lyrical style. Yes, sort of. But if you listen until the chorus you will hear a gorgeous grandiose production. It rises and swells to fill the space in the room. I love the juxtaposition of the deep hope of what could be compared with the disappointments of reality. The synth heavy production might remind listeners of someone like George Michael, yet the narrative lyrical style is right in line with the best of modern folk writers. I really appreciate the vulnerability and honesty in this track.

Keeper E – “Please don’t tell me”
-There are some quirky production decisions on this idiosyncratic tune, but it’s the vocal that pulled me in right away. The energy is experimental and avant garde, but the vocal keeps it all distinctly grounded. The whole composition comes together for something delightfully inspiring. In the vein of Tessa Violet, Keeper E is pushing boundaries in indie pop in rewarding, special ways.

Image courtesy: Dylan Dunlap IG

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