Three emerging folk artists to watch this fall

Fairhazel – “Cruel, hard world”
-I am a sucker for chromatic melody structures and this track starts there. Then the lyrics hit and… oh my WORD this is a good song. The balance of piano, guitar, and vocal is absolutely delightful. If you’re living through this current dystopian reality (pro tip: we all are), then repetitions of a “cruel, hard world” is strangely cathartic. Something about the musicbox style helps the “we’re all in a simulation” vibe really strike through. This one is perfect for our historical moment.

The Paper Kites – “By my side” ft Rosie Carney
-After several listens of this track, I have the same confession to make; it’s so unbelievably pretty and relaxing that I drift away from the lyrics. This is no insult to the loving, romantic lyrics in any way. But it reminds me of a Saturday morning with the sunlight peeking through the blinds, laying with your beloved. It’s just so nice to have them by your side. It’s a beautiful song with a piano part to die for and two gorgeous vocals to capture what feels like an intimate sentiment.

Luke De-Sciscio – “40 Days”
-We’ve covered De-Sciscio on our site in the past, but this one… wow, it really jumped out to me. The fingerpicking on the guitar is authentic and punctuated. The vocal feels lonesome and sincere, soaring over the rest of the composition. I don’t have a solid grasp on what all the lyrics mean, but the song does a great job of letting the listener ease into the track and reflect on snippets of the message. It’s one of those folk that harkens back to ancient traditions and I’m eager to support it.

Image courtesy: Luke De-Sciscio IG

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