Three excellent folk songs to get your week off to a great start

Jakob Leventhal – “Purple Everywhere”
-I appreciate the chill energy of this acoustic folk track. Leventhal’s vocal is just subtle enough to be understandable, yet understated enough to be soothing. The instrumentation feels incredibly comforting on this one. The overall color of the piece is rich and rewarding. Something about the main melody hook feels familiar and timeless, even though it seems to be unique. It’s beautiful and I am an instant fan.

Darryl Rahn – “Calexico”
-If you’ve been around the site for a bit you’ve already heard Rahn’s exceptional writing style. I was privileged to interview him a few weeks ago and am so glad for that conversation. It helped me better understand this song so much better. There’s a kind of classic rock meets folk sentiment to this track that I really enjoy. I often prefer more of a stripped down folk aesthetic, but this one really works. The electric guitar balance with Rahn’s characteristic vocal style is an excellent blend.

Ivan and Alyosha – “Whiskey and Wine”
-I’ve been a fan of Ivan and Alyosha since before I became a blogger (which is a long time ago!). You’ll have to forgive me for covering a band that is clearly not still “emerging.” That said, the classic folk energy of this song is sure to give your heart a boost like it did for me. It’s got a little bit of a gospel core to it, which is of course quite ironic given the subject matter here. (Or is it?) I love this song, this band, and am frankly surprised they sent it to us! We’re happy to support this. Look for me to write a little more on it in a few months for the end of year lists…

Image credit: Jakob Leventhal IG

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