Indie Rock You Need

Jeen – “Anything You Want”

Mixing shoe gaze with slow burning indie pop, Jeen fire on all cylinders with their latest effort. “Anything You Want” is a near perfect single that will perk up both ears and hearts. The sound blends genre nicely, while vocally it lulls and pierces with fervor and confidence. We were wondering where this act has been and why haven’t they already domineered our playlists. Questions aside, we are glad we finally found them and are assured you will as well.

Super Duper – “We Had Everything”

This act is the project of artist and producer Josh Hawkins. At an early age, he crafted various styles for tv and movies, while sharpening his pop talent. “We Had Everything” is a masterclass in both old and new pop, while mixing electronic elements that keep listeners guessing. The Nashville artist has the rare talent of connecting with listeners from all backgrounds, and it serves him well on his latest effort.

The Blue Stones – “Let it Ride”

If you like fuzzed out blues tinged rock, then you need to hear this act. The Canadian duo remind us of acts like Highly Suspect and The Black Keys, in how they effortlessly blend rock styles. Their strength is how tight their sound and chemistry is, while still letting the track breathe and roll. We immediately found ourselves jamming in our office chair – even singing along from first play. This is a must-hear rock act.

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