Three calming neoclassical pieces for the last day of summer

Steve Luck – “Tesoro”
-I really appreciate the nostalgic style of this track. It’s neoclassical and certainly has a modern feel to it, but it reminds me of people and places from my past. Something about it feels sincerely like a history documentary to me (and as a historian in my other life, I mean this as a compliment). This is just… a treat of a tune. I like how the phrases feel familiar yet they do not bore us with repetition. It’s really well done.

Domenico Quaceci – “Your eyes”
-I don’t know who this song was written for, but given the title of “Your Eyes,” it does seem to be a romantic expression. There’s a tenderness to this piece that I really appreciate. What impresses me most, though, is the sense of space in between sections and lines of the piece. It’s got breath and room to grow, like a dance or even a good kiss. This is a beautifully romantic piece. Put it on a playlist for your dearest and you won’t be disappointed.

Biba Dupont – “Say when”
-Expressive piano songwriting seems to get me every time. Biba Dupont provides a beautiful example of that with this piece “Say when.” I’m reminded of a glass of wine in an elegant glass in equally elegant company. Maybe I’m off base here, but I feel a certain sophistication in this piece that seems to be about the finer things. It’s romantic in an abstract way, but it certainly makes me think of some tender moments from my own life and I appreciate the reemergence of those memories.

Photo credit: Steve Luck IG

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