Three emerging singer songwriters for your consideration

Kate Elpo – “be-longing”
-From first listen of this track, I was impressed by the way the relatively minimal composition held my attention. The vocal is absolutely beautiful. The acoustic guitar is mesmerizing. By the time the stand up bass line enters the track, there’s a smooth, classic feel to the track. The highlighting harmony vocal makes it all pop really well. I find this one to be delightfully relaxing and enjoyable. Give it a shot.

Luca Fogale – “Slow correction”
-The peaceful piano work at the core of this track is remarkable. The soft spoken vocal that layers on top of the piano melody makes for a soulfully expressive style. I really like the way this makes me feel as much as the way it sounds. The “mind plays tricks on me” line resonates with me, especially over the past several months. This is what it means to seek out a meditative grounding in your life. It’s so peaceful and worth your time. Please, take a moment.

James Love – “Morning will come”
-There’s an adage in folk music that all you need is “three chords and the truth.” I didn’t actually count the chords in this track (I’m certain there are far more than three!), but the sentiment is the same. A seemingly simple acoustic guitar base with a sincere, poetic vocal is all you need. Tell the truth with a graceful, open heart. There’s such a majestic quality to this track despite it’s minimalist style. Of course there are some atmospheric production elements, but at its heart this song hangs on the expressive honesty of the lead vocal. This is restorative.

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