Three engaging folk songs for your weekend

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald – “Good plates”
-The phrasing of this song is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. It’s a song about getting together with friends, something we don’t get to do much with the world the way it is. I love how the energy of the track reminds me of a life outside of a pandemic. The haunting energy of the acoustic backing works to build the anticipation of the coming gathering. It just… works. I appreciate the soulful goodness of this track.

Canyon City – “Wishlist”
-One of my favorite things about working with my co-editor Matt is that he just knows to leave all Canyon City submissions for me. It’s almost an automatic “yes” for me at this point. I swear Canyon City can’t write a bad song! The peaceful, prayerful quality of “Wishlist” is remarkable to me. As a father of small children, desiring to have everything just slow down hits home for me. It strikes me reflecting on this song just how much we numb ourselves to our blessings. We always hustle and grind to get everything done; this song quiets the soul with cinematic brilliance and Canyon City’s wise, encouraging voice. It’s as much a sermon as it is a song… and I’m okay with that.

The Suddenlys – “I need you”
-If you miss the old days of country music when the performers sounded like they had been to a country fair once or twice, you’ll really enjoy The Suddenlys. This is as charming a country/folk tune I have heard all year. The lyrics are heart warming and the hand-clapping joy of the chorus will get anyone singing and smiling along. I don’t like to use a term like “adorable” because sometimes it diminishes serious art, but honestly… this song is adorable. I’m not ashamed to say I can’t wait to play this one for my wife. 🙂

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