Three instrumental piano pieces for your midweek

Jacco Wynia – “Improbabilities”
-There’s a calming sense to this piece that won me over from first listen. The whimsical rhythm of the lead line is perfectly balanced by the atmospheric work in the background. When it all comes together, I feel like I’m watching a scene in a musical or film. There’s a lightheartedness to this that I really enjoy. I hope this one makes a lot of instrumental playlists.

Gray de Pape – “Still”
-This piece gives me an instant sense of calm, which is why I was so happy to hear it. The composition emerges slowly but with purpose. Something about this one reminds me of watching nature, the unhurried but purposeful travel of an animal or growth of a plant. That we might all be inspired to slow down and fulfill our purpose in this way. This is a graceful and beautiful composition.

Joshua Spacht – “From my childhood”
-The title of this track certainly gave direction to my interpretation of the music and I’m unbelievably glad for that. Having grown up around piano players my whole life, this peaceful composition reminds me not just of songs but of the faces of my loved ones. Mother, father, sister, aunts, and cousins all regaled us with their beautiful piano playing. I am grateful to Spacht for conjuring some of those memories for me with this beautiful composition. It’s a special one to me now.

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