The Tuesday 3: :The Very Best Tracks for a Short Week

The National Anthem – “The Dark Below”

We have been a fan of this act since we first heard their expressive sound. The Irish band never cease to surprise with their ability to bend genres while writing some incredibly thought-provoking lyrics. “The Dark Below” is a slow burning piano ballad, that reminds us of some of the best Bright Eyes tracks. There is an enduring hope, even amidst a darker songwriting. This is perhaps one of the main reasons we love the act – the way they capture the variety of emotions we all feel, while still being true to their greater art.

Color Fields – “Pendulum”

The newest track from this duo is incredibly endearing. “Pendulum” bounces beautifully between genres like, well, it’s namesake. The act have a firm grasp on radio friendly pop, but they dare not settle there. The sound explores a groove that is bright and blossoms into a soulful reprieve from the issues of today. Their sound is tight and all together lovely. If summer has an anthem, “Pendulum” could easily be it.

The King’s Parade – “How Long?”

If you dig heartfelt vocals, that feel warm and welcoming, then this may be your new favorite act. We were immediately reminded of some major established acts within the indie pop terrain but also very impressed with their tightly unhindered sound. The band states that: ‘How Long?’ is a song about regret and discovery. It explores how focusing on past mistakes can leave you no room to grow and no path to follow. You can replay events back in your mind like a constant loop of flashbacks but are ultimately left with a bitter taste in the mouth.” Lyrically, they are able to connect to a large swath of humanity. We appreciate this act.

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