Genreless Songwriters to Watch

GRAE – “Permanent Maniac”

At this point, you should already know of our affinity for GRAE. Her whispered vocals have deeply embedded themselves in our hearts and earbuds. On her latest track, the artist blends indie pop with a musical style all her own. Fanning the flame of a imagined crush, she creates what we think is her best track to date. With impressive rock pieces that come out throughout, her tight sound is something that will continue to push her to the forward of a music scene that needs her.

Sara Phillips – “Better When it Ends”

The pop style of Phillips could easily put her in the conversation with the current hitmakers. Yet, the Canadian transplant seems to wish to do her own way. With rugged individualism, and a stubborn confidence, she has won fans by doing it her own way. This sort of authenticity is much appreciated by writers like us, but is also the reason why she is destined for a rise. Her songwriting is tight and she knows who she is as an artist – which is rare for her age and experience. She is both seasoned and accessible, and deserves your attention.

Avaya – “Pathetic”

Dark pop. This is how we can best summarize the alluring sound of this talented songwriter. Blending traditional pop styles with a more alternative storytelling, the artist even mixes in classical to keep listeners from getting too comfortable. The end result is something transfixing and ever alive. Where some artists will try to sound like others, Avaya is confident and steady, trusting her instincts and massive talent. Why this is not currently on 100’s of stations across the States is a fierce indictment on the industry.

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