The Week That Is: : 3 Best Songwriters You NEED to Hear

Vikki Gilmore – “Doubt of my Mind”

This a doubtful and uncertain time. Days like these, however, bring some of the best art. The new single by the tremendous Gilmore, is aptly titled and expertly played. With a mood that rings true deep within our earbuds and heart, her vocals are strangely uplifting – as she knows something we don’t. “Doubt of my Mind” plays like the words of a friend, put to an arresting sound. We love this one and its heartfelt honesty.

Ethan Samuel Brown – “Birthday Wine”

If you know us, you know how much we love gritty songwriting a la David Ramirez. If that style had a patron saint, Ramirez would be it while Ethan Samuel Brown would be ever close behind. Vocally, we could listen to the Nashville artist sing the phone book. Yet, what he says – his wordplay and storytelling – is tremendous. Accompanied by some ripping guitar work, “Birthday Wine” is a surefire piece of folk country gem.

Emma McGrath – “Say Something”

If you are looking for piano ballad gold, then here is your new favorite artist. “Say Something” is a Maggie Rogers style introduction to a young and exceptional talent. Emma McGrath showcases a tight and intentional sound, that plays heartbreak with fidelity and truth. We are blessed to find artists like her on occasions we are exceptionally disheartened. Music like hers is greatly appreciated in times like these and we cannot wait for you to hear.

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