Three engaging new folk tunes including Beta Radio, Bo Armstrong, and Ryan Trager

Beta Radio – “Way of love”
-I once tried to get Beta Radio to play at a college where I was teaching. They just seem like the perfect band for a college campus, you know? It’s such a delightful, inspiring, harmonic sound from Beta Radio. This latest track has everything I love about modern folk music from creative instrumentation and gorgeous vocals harmonies to a shifting and vibrant production style. This is truly a remarkable sound and isn’t “just another” folk band bouncing around with a jangly banjo. This is high art. Beta Radio are the Chicago of folk music.

Bo Armstrong – “Here’s looking at you kid”
-Oh here we go a song about masculinity… just what the country music world needs (SARCASM — keep reading). Honestly, I love the sincerity of this track because it stands out so well in a world that seems to be so full of triteness. The personal growth in the lyrics is really intriguing. I appreciate the electric guitar and hidden country elements here, but mostly it’s the lyrical core of the song that won the spot on the list for me. If you hear this one on your local country music station, send us a tweet. We’d love to know!

Ryan Trager – “Floodlight”
-The guitar work on this track is outstanding. The layers of strings just resonates so well in the production. The vocal is good as well, but I think I could listen to an instrumental version of this on repeat for hours. There’s a cathartic energy to the track that really makes for a relaxing vibe. Put this one on your reading and relaxing playlist and you’ll never skip it. I really appreciate the Trager’s timeless folk writing on this one.

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