3 of the Best New Indie Rock Acts

Glom – “Matches”

There is something incredibly “warm” about the sound of six piece alt act Glom. Their production transmits a spirit of hope and burden free refuge, while their guitars still rock at a high level. Seriously, check out their long instrumental on “Matches”. It is wonderfully textured and all encompassing. Vocally, it gives just enough to invite you into a warm sonic hug. We are stoked to hear their sophomore release Merit and think you will love it.

Glass Towers – “I Will Come Back For You”

This is what indie pop should sound like. Upbeat, futuristic, and stunning, “I Will Come Back For You” is a gem of a track. The track feels like there is a lot going on, yet it is never overcrowded. This tells of a talented and seasoned musician who is finding their stride. We as listeners are better for this. The Aussie act have played with the likes of Kooks and Metric, and we think these acts are a good compass of their general musical direction. Yet, don’t be fooled, they have a larger sound than any genre.

dad sports – “Name & Place”

The woozy guitar on this one is reminiscent of some of our favorite acts. It has a beautifully nostalgic sound, while still sounding astoundingly fresh. The Ottawa act are relatively young, but give us hope for the future as they expand their sound. The music video goes splendidly with their style as well. Instead of trying to do too much, they seem to know who they are already. This shows of a maturity we were excited to hear in the act.

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