Three folk tunes to satisfy your soul

Jakob Leventhal and Sarah Jarosz – “Greenwich Village Ghosts”
-This is a beautiful song performed by two exceptionally talented songwriters. I didn’t know much about Leventhal until I found this track, which is absolutely stunning. The composition has this conversational phrasing that works well. The folk pop textures and intricate chord progressions are fantastic. The final lyric about growing old really hit me hard. This is so good.

Marti West – “Give me light”
-There’s a peaceful energy to the vocal style on this track, even while the guitar work creates a sense of tension. The piano, though, is the elixir that makes the whole composition come together. I admire the fact that the track doesn’t feel like “just another” folk song. It’s got a cinematic goodness to it that I rarely hear. This one is worth focusing on. Let it enrich your soul, friends.

Armon Jay – “Half Life”
-One of my favorite things about covering music is that I typically listen without reading about an artist. I first heard this track and thought “wow, this guy is really good.” Yes, this is the Armon Jay from Dashboard Confessional. Suddenly the incredible, emotional lyrics and clean guitar work doesn’t feel so surprising. This is a ridiculously well written song. I think Jay’s album is going to be one to revisit.

Photo credit: Armon Jay IG

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