Three new folk tunes featuring Ron Pope, Joshua Hyslop, and Freedom Fry

Ron Pope – “A little more love” (feat. von Grey)
-Ron Pope doesn’t really need introduction, especially to followers of this site. I admire that Pope has such a loyal following, yet still releases his music through indie channels. I love the juxtaposition in this track of the polished performance in the midst of some really raw lyrics. It’s gritty and real, like the kind of poetry from salt of the earth hard working folks set to a beautiful, melodic folk style. This is stunning.

Joshua Hyslop – “Leavings”
-I am convinced that Joshua Hyslop has a remarkable songwriting gift. Not only does he write lush, glorious melody lines, but he writes some of the most engaging lyrics in folk music as well. As I wrote to a friend, this song just feels like fall. I don’t know if there’s a seasonal element to the track, but it is so undeniably cozy. I want to put this one every coffee shop, pumpkin spice, warm cider, cozy sweater playlist for this year. There is great hope in the words of an honest songwriter.

Freedom Fry – “Stronger”
-We cover a lot of folk duos around here, but there might not be any as good as Freedom Fry. I really appreciate the hopeful energy in this track. There’s an upbeat energy that puts a smile on my face with every listen. The group vocal in the background gives a beautiful metaphorical image of the great cloud of witnesses required to support a successful relationship. If you’ve ever been stronger with the love of another person, this song will connect deeply for you.

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