Three new commercial pop tracks ready for your HIT SONG playlist

Ausmark – “When I meet you”
-This might not be what you expect when you click on an ETTG article, but trust me it’s really good. The energy here is infectiously good. I appreciate a good danceable groove. It’s cool because it feels good to move to this track. The glowing synth work is tight, allowing the listener to sort of ease into the composition. If you’ve ever met someone who just made you feel totally comfortable and more “alive” with them, this song will resonate.

Adam Barnes – “Missed Connections”
-You might think this feels like a folk song and, at its core, it probably is. But I’m putting it on this rundown because it has the uncanny polish of a song that is ready for big time radio and promotion. There’s an emotional feeling at the core of this track that deserves a much, much wider audience than we can possibly give it. Please listen to this one and feel the endearing hope of what could have been. Barnes shines on this one and I suspect we’ll hear more from this talented songwriter.

Skott – “Darling”
-When you listen to the opening of this track, you can feel that the vocalist has a lot of energy just waiting to be unleashed. Give it time and you’ll get to hear this stellar vocal soar. It’s an encouraging message about having perseverance. The hopeful lyrics and amazing lead vocal are enough to keep me coming back for more.
*Spotify embeds are currently down. Will try to update soon.

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