Thursday Best Tracks: A Whitesnake Cover and a Parent’s Lament

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me – “Leave Me Alone”

“Leave Me Alone” has a big and bouncy sound that will force you to move. The groove of it is similar to Big Data and similar acts, but has some refreshing grooves that make it stand out among its musical peers. With just enough ’80’s in it to make listeners smile, it stays fresh and deeply compelling. We appreciate the way this track makes us feel, but also the clever and tight songwriting.

ØZWALD – “Here I Go Again (Whitesnake Cover)

Okay, we get it. I mean, this is either sacrilege or utterly annoying, depending on your view of hair metal. But, hear us out. This one is creatively tremendous. We only accept .01% of the covers we receive, and that may be a generous estimation. The duo of ØZWALD build dreamy folk vibes that make you forget they are in the hugely successful act Lifehouse. The song works because it defies stereotype and reimagines a song we thought we knew. Both the act and the single are worth your time and attention.

The Two Tracks – “Eternal School Bus

As a new dad, I have a deep emotive response to this one. With equal parts hopeful and melancholy, “Eternal School Bus” plays as a reminder of how fast time moves and reinforces the importance of being present in the moment. The talented act wrote the song with a focus on parenthood, yet we think it applies to all of us who sort of dumbfounded by the passage of time. We appreciate acts like this that are without a doubt gifted at both songwriting and musicianship. Theirs is a rare gift; to draw listeners in like family, while providing hope in the midst of such uncertainty.

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