Three indie pop tracks to get your groove going

Smokehouse – “Brazil”
-This track has taken off! It’s only been out a few days and is really doing well. We’re here to give it all our love (heh) — or at least a boost to our dedicated indie pop fans. If you like dancing and relaxing all at the same time, this track will find a way to soothe your spirit. I love that it’s a feel good track with incredible production polish. Let’s get this one trending!

Carmanah – “Mountain Woman”
-If you are looking for an engaging, indie pop track that creates new textures in the genre then give Carmanah a spin. I can’t fully comprehend everything happening in this track. There are some throwback vibes for sure (especially with the electric guitar), yet the snappy modern production is unlike anything from the past. The piano solo, powerful lead vocal, and unconventional rhythm changes all make this a truly unique but inspiring track.

River Roots – “Weaving Flows”
-I guess it’s the river in the name and “flows” in the title, but this track almost instantly reminded me of a canoe trip I took nearly 20 years ago. It’s got a meandering style and imagery that makes me think of nature. The vocal harmonies on this track are really nice. Some might argue it’s more folk than indie pop, but we’re happy to include it here. It’s got a light hearted energy and bright imagery that puts a smile on my face. If that’s not pop, I don’t know what is!

Image credit: Carmanah IG

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