Demeter: Timely and Thoughtful Rock

The Brooklyn act known as Demeter, have recently released an EP entitled The Year of Goodbye and it is definitely worth a spin. Their ability to craft mature and slow burning post punk tracks, won us over immediately. While carrying a sort of Patti Smith style spirit with her, the vocalist lays waste to expectations and cliche while delivering some of the most interesting lines we have heard recently. Within the space one may put their music in, it is easy for it to become niche or only for a select few. However, what makes this particular act so enthralling, is their ability to reach an audience throughout rock and beyond.

“Beg, Borrow, Steal” is an urgent track calling out the worse of us, while empowering the best in us. The sound is creative, expressive, and nearly combustible. The act have a tight chemistry that makes every member’s contribution shine throughout. This was the first track we heard from the band, and it immediately found its way into our rotation of favorites.

“Joanie” shows the intelligence of the act. Taking cues from a family member who was fatally shot, the track bounces from the perspectives of the abuser, the support system, and victim. This one builds beautifully, and shows a wide array of expression and artful communication. The sound is tight and explores the depth of emotion in all of us. It is a near perfect track.

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