Top 25 Folk Music Blogs for 2020

We are excited to present our top 25 folk music blogs for 2020. These are arbitrary rankings from the musings of a fellow folk blogger. We look at style, depth of coverage, and frequency of posting. If you disagree with our list, feel free to contact us on social media with suggestions for blogs to consider for next year.

*NOTE: Some of our friends who write in other languages are sad not to be included here. Since we read English, though, we stuck with English-based blogs. Sorry about that.

1) Twangville – – If you like folk and country music, you need to be reading Twangville. It’s not even a contest. They are some of the best in the business, for sure. Not only should you read it, you should bookmark it and read regularly.

2) For Folk’s Sake – – Welcome back to the list for another year, FFS. I like to abbreviate the site FFS because, well, it’s 2020 and we’ve all been saying that a lot. It’s good to read a site with good humor and great music.

3) Come Here Floyd – – CHF brings a nice sense of variety to the music that they cover. They seem to make this list every year because of their consistently good selections. It’s a unique site with a mix of music that provides something for everyone at the party.

4) Chill Filter – – Chill Filter are another site that uses SubmitHub like we do, so it was nice to find their consistent high quality coverage. We’re happy to support our digital “colleagues” and often find ourselves approving similar artists.

5) Various Small Flames – – (I’m keeping this the same as what I said last year because it’s still true.) VSF is the closest thing to a folk culture mag we’ve found and we are okay with that. If you’re looking to connect with style and personalities in the folk scene, you’ll need to follow this unique and engaging site.

6) Beautiful Song of the Week – – This is so much more than a folk music blog. It’s just… a work of art. They cover a range of music, sometimes including folk. But they also have covers and remixes, truly unique takes on other songs you’ve heard. It’s more an experience than a blog; give it some love.

7) For the Rabbits – – For the Rabbits is a very image heavy design. Once you click on the articles, though, there is surprising depth on each band. It’s not all folk, but there are a lot of related genres.

8) Two Story Melody – – TSM is as much a philosophy blog as a music blog and we’re not mad at all. SubmitHub tells us that we’re similar to this site and that’s really flattering company. It’s got a lot more literary weight than your average blog, which we love.

9) Folk Radio UK – – Folk Radio UK consistently produces amazing content. If you’re looking for good folk music (which, you should be), then this is a great blog to add to your reading rotation.

10) Casual Band Blogger – – There’s nothing casual about the Casual Band Blogger. Rather than a bunch of rundown articles (who would do THAT?!), this site features more significant depth on fewer articles. It’s fascinating and you should read it.

11) Breaking More Waves – – If you are looking for playlists to put on while you do other things, check out this site. If you want to then read about the songs and learn more about the curation, follow this site. Breaking More Waves have an impressive style.

12) Indie Obsessive – – (We’re going to say “ditto” to last year’s blurb.) Indie Obsessive has the perfect balance of grit and charm. It’s a site with plenty of content and a personality all its own. If you haven’t checked it out, now’s the time. The regular updates and unique layout make it all the more genuine.

13) Hi Five For Blog – – If you are looking for lots of playlists (or you’re trying to get your music on one), this is the place to go. Tons of new music constantly coming at you. It’s not always folk, but the related genres are pretty groovy too.

14) Ohestee – – Ohestee is a great site that covers a wide range of music. We really like their layout and depth of coverage. We definitely recommend putting Ohestee in your rotation of sites.

15) When the Horn Blows – – This website looks like a major league publication. The layout is unbelievably clean and easy to follow. In a world with lots of flashing lights and pop ups, be more like When the Horn Blows and win us over with your clean design.

16) Adobe and Teardrops – – The layout of this site is unique and the writing will catch your attention. Unlike several other sites, this one actually has their own podcast. If you’re into playlists and podcasts, check out Adobe and Teardrops.

17) American Pancake – – This site is more like a music industry catch all than a pure folk site. That said, we still think it’s one worth appreciating here. If you’re looking for news and excitement in the music world, follow this site.

18) The Grey Estates – – The Grey Estates will probably show up on our top indie rock blog article, too. They feature a mix of genres and not *just* folk music. That said, there are a lot of artists featured on this site that we haven’t heard, which means they’re tapping into a completely different side of the indie music scene. We dig it.

19) Independent Music Review – – This site has a super clean design. The top of the page shows some alt rock stuff, but halfway down you’ll see a nice steady supply of indie folk music. It’s definitely one to add to your rotation of sites to visit.

20) Tonic Grain – – If you’re looking for a super mobile-friendly design, check out this site. There’s a nice feed of new music from a variety of folk and related genres. It’s succinct and meaningful writing with a nice mix of genres to boot.

21) Post to Wire – – This Aussie-based site is a good place to find artists you might not find if you’re in the US or UK. There’s a nice batch of folk-related genres like country and singer songwriter on the site. It’s also really clean design and consistently good writing.

22) Hot Lunch Music – – The design style of this site is quite contemporary and snappy. The social media integration is really interesting as well. Some day, when I grow up, I want to learn all of the layout tricks they have on Hot Lunch Music. Dish some out for yourself, folks!

23) Lefuturewave – – Don’t let the notion of “future wave” scare you away from the potential for great folk music. This site is focusing on the FUTURE in regard to emerging artists (much like us!). There’s a real “vibe” to the site with clean imagery and smooth writing.

24) York Calling – – If you are looking for a solid layout and consistent writing, check out this York Calling site. Of course it’s UK based, but they do appear to cover a wide range of artists. Folk is only part of what they do, but it’s enough to get them on this list.

25) When the Horn Blows – – I don’t know much about visual filters and effects, but I know that When the Horn Blows definitely have a “look” on their site. There’s a cultural feel to the site that permeates both music selection and the images that accompany them. It’s a site worth knowing if you’re into indie music.

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