Three outstanding examples of lo-fi pop

Mt Misery – “I was wrong”
-The understated energy of this track stood out to me right away. As I listened to the unfolding melody and harmonies, I was struck by something that felt both familiar and brand new. I don’t know the songwriters in Mt Misery, but I suspect they’ve listened to some of Brian Wilson’s work with the Beach Boys. There’s a magical pop goodness at the core here without feeling “over the top.” I like this a lot.

Vern Matz – “Mall of America”
-I really appreciate the easy going nature of this song. If you’re looking for something relaxing and engaging, Matz has created that here. There’s a sort of Don Henley type of chill pop happening here, but it definitely feels modern and fresh at the same time. Something about the vocal puts me in mind of Ryan Adams, too. If you’re looking for that chilled out Americana-meets-rock vibe, this is a definite add to your playlist.

Lauren Phillips – “Honest, Tonight”
-There’s a nice keyboard part to open this track, but listen to the lyrics. Holy wow did this first line smack me right in the face. After that, I was totally invested in the story. Phillips has a gorgeous voice that is extraordinarily well balanced in the mix. It cuts through even as other atmospheric elements enter the track. If you’ve ever been long distance from someone you love, this song will cut right to your soul. I am SO IMPRESSED by Phillips and look forward to following her emerging career.

Image credit: Vern Matz IG

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