Genreless and Unique: Snowdreamer Rock

We try to humbly champion the unique art that comes from the musical community. Across the world, we receive submissions that don’t fit neatly into genre, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. For an example of this, listen to Snowdreamer. The solo work carries with it unique, refreshing, but strangely familiar sounds. On “Destroyer”, we hear shades of electro and rock reminiscent of Awolnation, while still bringing expressive creativity.

“Wasted” brings a more layered but equally loud sound. The track is a fun expression of art that dips in and out of genre like a prize boxer toying with a knockout. The other downside to us, is the criminally short path taken. But, here again, it does leave us wanting more. In 2020, music carries with it an urgency, and Snowdreamer are ever present.

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