Three emerging singer songwriters for your playlist

JMES – “Hopeless romantic”
-The pop glow on this track is positively infectious. The way the backing track connects with the mood of the vocal is really good. The lyrics have an abstract meaning that is open to the interpretation of the listener. The full experience is engaging and will pull listeners in. Add it to your playlist and impress your friends with this rising new indie pop singer songwriter.

Eric Loop – “Looking glass”
-The subtle energy of this track might put you to sleep before you even get to the chorus, but if you can stay with it the song is really beautiful. It’s the best kind of chill acoustic in that it is so soothing. That line about “waiting for my life to finally begin” was essentially how I spent the entirety of my 20s, so this track resonates with me more than I can explain. It’s definitely introspective and meaningful.

John Kelly – “Bad judgment day”
-The gruff vocal works well on this track from John Kelly. You probably won’t be ready for the country-style vocal harmonies that enter on the chorus. It’s got that charm like Needtobreathe when it comes to a gospel-tinged southern folk style. It’s sure to make you think about some confessional questions, but it’s got a nice full sound. “Some faith is poured, some faith is spilled.” Wow. If I don’t get hear these folks on this side, I’ll sing with ’em on the other side. So good.

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