Three brand new indie folk tunes to make your midweek

SYML – “The Dark”
-We’ve covered SYML in the past and it’s easy to hear why we keep saying yes. The intimacy in the recording style is fascinating. The purity of the vocal is absolutely the central point of the tune. Something about this track reminds me a bit of Sleeping at Last, another favorite here at ETTG. This overall composition will have you contemplating deeper, heavier things than you expected. We love that kind of lyricism and depth, to say nothing of the beautiful orchestral composition style.

Mountain Natives – “Silent Hour”
-There’s a haunting sincerity to this track from Mountain Natives. I don’t easily make the comparison with a breakthrough act like the Civil Wars, but there’s something here with Mountain Natives that’s conjuring that same mystical spirit. The unconventional chord work on this track really hits me deep. The optimistic lyrical work makes me want to listen close and engage in subversive acts of love. This is a beautiful folk song and should become a new favorite for everyone who reads our site.

Noel Montenegro – “Until we’re old”
-The lead vocal on this song is outstanding. The rhythmic background is a good basis to the track, but once the vocal harmonies enter the track it moves from good to great. I am not sure if there’s a subgenre for this kind of folk music yet (I’m certain “hand clappy folk” is not sophisticated enough for The Academy), but I definitely appreciate the style of the track. The optimistic, romantic, and poetic lyrical work here is sure to put a smile on the face of most listeners.

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