3 Exceptional Songwriters to Soundtrack ’20

Frogi – “Millisecond”

“Millisecond” is a blast of soothing indietronica that reminded us of the likes of Maggie Rogers. The young songwriter, croons with an impressive range that stops listeners and demands them to take notice. The LA artist does it all, talented enough to craft tracks that are purely her in every sense. After doing a lot of writing during the quarantine, her latest effort is both timely and uplifting.

Grae – “2725”

We have covered this Canadian songwriter a lot recently. Though we do not apologize for this, it is important for you to understand how much we adore her work. On “2725”, the artist express yet another pop layer that perhaps is our favorite. After some incredibly singles, this one is a mature slow-burning indie electro single, complete with a Cure nod that only makes us swoon more than usual. Grae is a rare artist that forces us to stop what we are doing and listen deeply to whatever she releases.

Sam Lynch – “Good Year”

Beautiful. This is an oft overused description of music on any music site, so we tend to use it only deservingly. “Good Year”, the new piano driven track from Sam Lynch, embodies every ounce of this description though. For the track, we are forced to dust off the word, and put it in this too short paragraph of an exceptionally transcendent track. If you love folk ballads with emotive vocals – or probably what could be the soundtrack of our site – then this right here, is your mantra. In the midst of what is widely agreed upon as being an awful year, this track whispers hope from somewhere deep within the musical community, and this is needed.

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