Damn. You Need to Hear These 3 Exceptional Artists

Henny Lane – “Kissing the Stars”

There is a certain seduction that comes with the music of this young songwriter. On “Kissing the Stars”, the artist croons with a Cohen-like delivery, before launching into an otherworldly guitar solo. It is all very alluring. We are reminded of artists like Hozier at times, but his style is uniquely his own and crackles with a slow burning talent. The way the track comes together is pretty groovy – saving some of the best for last. The Saxophone toward the end is much like the music of Henny Lane, unexpected and beautifully artistic.

Mango Cat – “Johatsu”

This duo treads on a variety of surprising genres and textures. The vocal delivery sort of reminds us of some of Modest Mouse but is somehow still grounded in an experimental folk vibe. Instrumentally it bounces dreamily through times past and forward. As “Johatsu” progresses, unfolds, sounds become bigger, more present, and urgent. There is a gorgeous quality that is almost indescribable. It sounds familiar – like an old friend – while still being unusual and creative – like your favorite barista. Any way you slice it, this is great.

Jacqueline Tucci – “Sweeter Things”

Damn. This is killer. The rapid lyrical play of songwriter Jacqueline Tucci is pointed and painfully relevant. They play into a grunge ethos in certain aspects when paired with the guitar and overall rock sound. The artist asks a series of questions for the culture we find ourselves in throughout the track. With confidence and poignancy, she answers them with an empowered talent of a needed voice. Many listeners will find something that resonates deeply with this artist.

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