Beautiful Tracks to Stretch Your Preference

Notelle – “Bugs”

The style of songwriter Notelle is incredibly intriguing. Sultry and sharp, “Bugs” is an industrial tinted pop rock track that will surprise listeners, regardless of preference. Taking cues from Nine Inch Nails and Billie Eilish, the multi talented musician undoubtedly works in her own sound without apology or fear. Incredibly independent, we think tracks like these are powerful artistic expressions given our current pandemic life. Covering her in the past, we are always excited and challenged by her sound. We think you will be too.

ViVii – “Whistle”

“Whistle” is a gem of a track. Blending folk with dreamy pop and countless other genres, the Swedish act make a lasting impression. What we love about this track is the spaghetti western style undertones, complete with haunting whistles. “Whistle” plays like the ending credits of a Tarantino movie. The shared vocal play enhances a beautifully tragic track that we absolutely love.

Kip LaVie – “Shadow Time (Days Away)”

We cover a lot of neo-classical and even post-rock here at Ear to the Ground. Typically, instrumental track fall under one of these genres. However, the new track by LaVie plays more as a meditation with musical accompaniment. The embedded nature sounds (recorded in Wisconsin) add a real world breath of what is truly important in this uncertain time. We found the track, which will be included on a new album, to be extremely uplifting for our weary ears. While perhaps this style might be a little outside the normal for you, we encourage you to give it a spin and breathe.

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