Three folk tunes that will make you want to get your guitar out of the closet

Albert Jones, “Honey I’ve got love on my mind”
-There are only a handful of themes really in music and they all parallel the basic things that motivate human behavior. One of those key motivations is love; it’s a powerful emotional draw between two people. Jones does a great job here of utilizing the electric guitar to create a happy bluesy vibe that expresses a very clear intention of love. The guitar work reminds me of the great Chet Atkins and the overall sound takes me back a few decades. It’s excellent.

Kelan Galligan – “Just like me”
-The acoustic energy of Kelan Galligan’s songwriting is captivating. I don’t always like the whispered aesthetic in vocals, but it really works with this song. It feels more like a poem with an acoustic background than a conventional song and I’m totally okay with that. The entire composition is worth your staid concentration. It’s not a singalong folk song, but it’s definitely worth your attention.

Tow’rs – “No place to fall” (Townes Van Zandt cover)
-If you are a fan of the late, great Townes Van Zandt, you know his songwriting was incredible. It’s nice to hear one of those delightful, timeless songs come to life with Tow’rs. There’s a beautiful light and life in this reimagining of the song. The combination of the vocal harmonies and the cello is absolutely magical. The lyrics are romantic and poetic, delivered with beautiful precision in this cover.

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