3 Indie Rock Acts That ‘Pop’

Toledo – “FOMO”

The Brooklyn duo are rising to meteoric heights. Recent tracks have been burning up the Submithub site to much fanfare. “FOMO” is a little different in that it is more subdued than some of their previous tracks but still shares the indie rock vibe. This was the first track they recorded during their shared quarantine – a time where the act finds themselves sharing yoga and mindfulness. The presentness of the act comes through in their latest effort.

The Flops – “Fuck the Morning”

Has a song title ever been met with such agreement as this one? The brash rock trio craft a fuzzed piece of swagger thaw we immediately fell in love with. “Fuck the Morning” is a blues tinged ode to classic rock that rightfully doesn’t take itself too seriously. The end result is catchy as hell, while still giving insight to a band who deserves your attention and admiration.

Frills – “I’m Going Under”

Brooklyn based Aussie duo Frills are keen on constructing tight pop indie pop that rocks. Mixing styles that lean into acts like MGMT and Phoenix, we would be hard pressed to find a better summer track. Regardless of current circumstances and chaos, “I’m Going Under” is a beautiful reprieve of electro brushed goodness. We think this act has some more hits in them and are excited to hear it. Turn up your speakers and chill with this one.

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