Indie Pop That Crackles With Talent

Republic Tigers – “Falco Peregrinus

Indie darlings Republic Tigers, are soaring to the top of indie pop hearts across the planet. Forgive the possible hyperbole, but with placements on the likes of Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl, and some of the biggest tastemakers in the industry (*cough cough) behind them, the Kansas City act are worth your attention. With lush electro vibes and fun guitar parts, “Falco Peregrinus” is both futuristic and relevant to the times we live. They remind you of some of your favorite nostalgic acts, while still sounding entirely new. It is a rare talent. Cue world domination in 3 . . . 2. . .

Shuffalo – “Stay on Me”

Soulful. This is the best way to describe the beginning of one of our new favorite singles “Stay on Me” by Canadian act Shuffalo. We were pleasantly reminded of Minus the Bear and how they mix electronic vibes with soul and rock elements. Both acts cover similar themes of love and spirituality, unafraid to get deep while still provoking dancing. It is a rare talent and this is an act that has plenty to spare.

Creature Comfort – “Black Cat”

“Black Cat” is the definition of the ubiquitous description “indie pop”. Yet, by no means do we mean that to be derivative or one-dimensional. No, quite the contrary. The act fire on many different layers with an upbeat and textured sound that crackles with band chemistry and soaring talent. Devices like echoed anthemic vocals and stadium sized guitar riffs are only used to construct a catchy as hell sound that gets the act firmly in the indie pop party. Once there, they continue to have a good time, nod to those who came early, and then take full ownership of the summer sound. We love this Nashville act!

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