Three rock jams to pump up your week!

Coral Moons – “Winnebago”
-When I first clicked play on this track, I think I approved it before it even hit 10 seconds. Once the lead vocal came in, I made that face (you know the one) like “ohhh yesss I found one!” If you’re a fan of the fantasy of running away with someone you love to jam out to music, see the sights, and you know… spend quality time… then this is a great track. I dig the danceable beat and the dream of travel together. Get snapping your fingers and dancing along with this fun loving jazzy-rock tune.

Bobcat Rob and the Nightly Howl – “Engineer”
-I love the chromatic chord changes on this track. It absolutely glows with energy and excitement. The vocals are outstanding. The overall vibe puts me in mind of great bands from the 70s that really knew how to harmonize. I love this kind of relaxed rock music. Even though it’s not the most percussive or hard guitar work, it still gets me pumped up. It’s a “have a BBQ this weekend” kind of music. I dig it.

Kid Kapachi – “Household Shame”
-I don’t cover much harder rock like this, so when I do you know it has a real energy to it. Kid Kapachi has this mashup alt rock energy to it that feels like it could have been written some time in the late 90s or early 2000s. The aggression in the vocals and the guitars give it a distinctive driving style. If you’re a fan of harder rock than what we typically cover here, give this one a spin.

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