Our 3 Favorite New Acts

Evan Crommett – “Nostalgic”

There is a nostalgic feel to the new track from site favorite Crommett. We were immediately reminded of acts both legend, and modern. The cool soul of “Nostalgic” remind us of the best work of Chet Faker, which himself plays on classic styles. The feeling in the vocals are further exemplified by the electric guitar that appears at meaningful spots without redundancy or camp. It is quite the talent for a young songwriter who carries more than his share of talent. Evan Crommett might be what you could call a “complete” artist. Carrying a soul-punching voice, with tight and surprising instrumentation, “Nostalgic” never drags or wanes. We look forward to hearing more from someone you need to keep an ear out for.

Fergus – “Young Tonight”

“Young Tonight” is a near perfect nostalgic track. There is a folky sway to the verse, before launching into a more pop sensible style. The artist has been at his craft, in various forms, since his early youth. With a background touring with choirs, playing cello and singing, he eventually burnt out and started over. The newest track is classic singer songwriter styling while launching positivity into our tired souls. There is an endearing optimism among the emotive textures, and we deeply appreciate that.

The Shadowboxers x Jamie Lidell – “Nothing Ever Does”

The Shadowboxers are an interesting case of shifting genre preferences. The act toured as backing for the famed Indigo Girls while partnering with mentor Justin Timberlake. The act are incredible at blending soulful vocals, with a purely modern sound. The end result is incredibly intriguing and unique. Perhaps this is why so many diverse acts work so well with them, though they could be just that talented. Make no mistake, no matter your own personal musical preference, there is something to like about the tight three-piece.

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