Thursday Must Hear Genre Busting Tracks

Milk. – “Always on Time”

Irish act Milk. have incredible talents that shine on their latest track. The dreamy “Always on Time” has quickly risen to the top of our favorite playlists and could very well end up on our year end “Best Of” list. The blend of styles is exquisite, including the trumpets that carry the track to a satisfying climax. If you want to look for comparisons, it would be difficult but we may point to a more accessible Bon Iver style. Grounded in talent, the band have a beautifully rising sound.

S. Vestergaard – “C.M.W.Y.G.T.”

After an impressive career as a platinum selling producer, the Danish artist S. Vestergaard has impressively forged out on his own. The multi-instrumentalist bounced over genres to find a highly affecting instrumental sound which will resonate with many. Amidst drum machines, synth, and a beautifully clean guitar tone, the track has intentional textures that keep your attention throughout. While typically leaning more to post rock stylings, we could not help but want to share this one with you.

Jaime Scott – “Emily”

If you don’t know the name of this UK songwriter, you can be forgiven. However, you are sure to have heard some of his work. After working for some of the biggest pop acts as a producer and songwriter, he earned platinum status and Billboard top spots. His own work, though, is some of his best. Carrying a more folk songwriting style, the artist is as sharp as ever on “Emily”. If you like the singer songwriter coffeehouse feel, then here is a gem of a track that is sure to make you swoon.

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