Three new tracks featuring AJ Smith, Denney, and Garrett Kato

AJ Smith – “Billy Joel”
-You may have guessed from the title, this song is done in the style of the incomparable Billy Joel. The piano root of the song is excellent, completely with some delightful chord changes that bring the listener into the mood of the piece well. But it’s honestly the lead vocal that makes this song stand out so much in the current music scene. There’s a lot of music that tries to do what AJ Smith has done so well here. This is a love song in earnest written with a compositional complexity we rarely hear; it’s a treat.

Denney – “Less”
-This year of 2020 has been such a difficult year in so many ways, but one that’s been a real treat is this emerging songwriting style of clear vocals with atmospheric electro work. Denney fits in this emerging trend really well and I feel so comfortable listening to this. It’s relaxing but still makes me want to pay attention. There’s this whole movement with artists like Dodie Clark and Tessa Violet who do this same kind of thing and it makes my heart flutter. Denney deserves to be in that company and on those playlists.

Garrett Kato – “It’s easier when you’re standing there”
-If you’re interested in acoustic singer songwriters, you are on the right website. Kato is one we’re happy to add to our list. The layered composition here is really delightful. You can tell the poetic lyrics come from a place of sincerity for Kato. That’s worth an incredible amount in the staying power of a song. There’s a gentleness to this song that makes it stand out; it’s not timid, but it certainly uses its subtlety to express a loudly moving message. It’s a heart mover, friends.

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