3 Exceptionally Talented Songwriters

Stellie – “I’d Have Killed For You”

Words like “tight” and “lush” come to mind when describing this young songwriter. Last year proved to be the beginning of her ascent into public consciousness and 2020 is shaping to continue her rise. With her mix of soulful and alluring vocals, combined with an intriguing sound, Stellie is deserving of all her attention and accolades. The artist will release an EP in August, and we cannot recommend it enough.

Ess Bogale – “Friend of the Strangers”

Previously covering Ess Bogale, we used descriptions like “indescribable” and “perfect”. On her newest track, we are again at a loss for adequate description. Her talent for crafting affecting and gorgeous tracks is otherworldly. “Writing is my tool for navigating my life. In music I have to choose my words well, it makes me reflect” explains the gifted songwriter. Her pursuit of understanding, which started at age 10, is perhaps one of the many things that set her so far apart from the fray. Her art is deep, vulnerable, and intimate and we are beyond stoked to have new music from her.

Harmony Byrne – “Sweeter Than Sugar”

If you like tracks with teeth, than let us introduce you to this near combustible single. With layers of fuzzed guitar crunch, mixed with Janis style vocal assertion, “Sweeter Than Sugar” is a needed punch to your earbuds. We were reminded of acts like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Kills when we heard the track. Like all sweet things, we immediately crave more and more and more.

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