Three indie pop jams with different styles

Caroline Kole – “Still frames”
-This is technically electro pop, but it certainly fits in a particular version of indie pop for me. I was blown away by Kole’s vocals on this track. The beat is good and I can picture it on a chill pop list for sure. But it’s about contemplating what happens if a relationship ends, which is an incredibly sad thing to think about but we all do it. Kole’s emotional style in her vocal works perfectly for the thoughtful lyrical work. Spin it, friends.

Isaac Chan – “I was”
-The opening of Chan’s song “I was” feels a bit atmospheric and distant, but then the acoustic guitar comes in and creates a gentle warmth. Chan’s vocal style is amazingly smooth, pulling the listener in right away. The intricate, even subtle high unison vocal with Chan makes for a really stunning texture to the song. The moving rhythm keeps it “pop” feeling, all while having a relaxing energy with reflective, sentimental lyrics.

Sebastian Mayor – “Same Air”
-If you miss the golden days of James Taylor on the radio, you need to just go ahead and fall in love with Sebastian Mayor. The groove on this track feels like it was put on reel to reel in the early 70s. The fact that this is a brand new track is really quite stunning to me. Mayor’s style is snazzy and concise. I’m not sure what you’d even call the overall mix – it’s almost nu disco – but I’m comfortable calling it a fun and engaging soft rock pop style. It’s got some lovely romantic lyrics, too. Put it on the radio and go for a cruise down the oceanfront. It’s that kind of jam.

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