The Thursday Rundown: 3 Great Tracks

Eastbound Buzz – “Where You Gonna Go”

For those of you who have a hole in our musical heart, which used to be filled by Ryan Adams, let us introduce you to these guys. The Aussie rockers blend Heartbreaker style rock, with alt-americana vibes. The end result is tremendous and deeply compelling. The relative newcomers to the scene, they have already released some impressive tracks. We cannot recommend this act highly enough.

Seraphina Simone – “Cherry”

This young songwriter has a compelling story. The Oxford educated self-described “London nerd”, comes from a musical family and has a heart firmly planted in California. Her ability to craft interesting tracks while trouncing on genre conventions, help her to standout from the fray. Her new music has been described as the perfect “soundtrack to this longest and strangest of summers“, and we are inclined to definitely agree. Her sound is timely and dare we say timeless.

Silent Type – “Thunderbeast”

We are a strong proponent for post-rock. If you are unfamiliar with the term, give the project of producer and engineer Chris Hughes a spin. With technical precision, the artist constructs a near combustible instrumental that crushes genre boundaries with force. If you like an anthemic and strongly constructed wall of sound, then Silent Type is for you.

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