Three new singer songwriter tracks

Erik Frank – “All night” (Explicit)
-You are NOT prepared for what you are about to hear. I mean you think you are. You’re just casually here to click play and discover some new music, but let me tell you again you are NOT ready for this. It’s a jam. It’s a groove. It’s sensual and sad, heartbroken even. How can it feel so good to be so sad? This is incredible writing and an amazing groove.

Karima Walker and Katy Kirby – “Right by you”
-This feels like an old cowboy trail song. It rolls along nicely with the lead vocal taking center stage. I appreciate that it feels “effortless” but is an incredibly difficult style to perform. If you’re a “people pleaser,” you will relate to the lyrics. It’s about that stage of getting to know someone and wanting to make them like you (or maybe even love you). It’s clever, accessible, and quite enjoyable.

Spring City – “Run baby run”
-If you’re a fan of great harmonies, you have to add Spring City to your playlists. In some ways, they kind of remind me of a female version of Rascal Flatts. It’s an engaging style that makes me want to sing along but we all know I can’t hang with these vocals. Instead I just thank heavens for headphones and enjoy this beautiful voices.

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