3 Compelling Singer Songwriters

Caity Krone – “I’ve Been Lonely”

The slow-burning songwriting style of Caity Krone goes well beyond her few 23 years. Her soulful vocals and tight instrumentation tells of a mature songwriter ready for a breakout. On “I’ve Been Lonely”, we are reminded of the likes of Haim, Dawes, and other Southern California style acts. The crooning and slide guitar are especially lovely and immediately had us wanting to hear more. Her ability to blend textures and genres, while still letting the track breathe are undeniable traits of a rising star.

Dan Croll – “So Dark”

Croll is one of those criminally underrated songwriters that keep us blogging everyday. His wit, expert musicianship, and hopeful lyrics, set him light years apart from the fray, while his heartfelt tracks burrow deep into listeners’ hearts. On “So Dark”, we were reminded of the likes of Ben Gibbard and some more chill rock acts. Fusing together many genres, his unique talents stamp every song he creates. You know a Dan Croll song when you hear it and this may be the best description we can provide of a uniquely gifted artist.

Pleine Lvne – “Warpaint”

After playing in various hardcore acts, singer songwriter Nicolas Gasporotto trekked on on his own. Taking the experience and flare for dynamic sounds, the artist brings a heartbreaking melancholy to his captivating walls of sounds he carefully crafts. With a tough of post-rock, “Warpaint” slowly builds as it winds down paths of genre familiarity and creativity. The track tells of a multi-talented artists that demands to be heard and admired.

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