Unique and Indescribable Thursday Tracks

A Sea of Dead Trees – “Hannah”

The slow burning intro into this track is exceptional. We felt a wide array of emotions, contemplated existence, and brimmed with hope all before the sound builds to its final note. A post-rock and shoegaze beauty of a track, “Hannah” is everything we love about music and these particular genres. The one-man band from Glasgow has captured our attention. With the new album, Athenia, the artist has sharpened an already intriguing sound, touching a diverse audience along the way.

Satellite Mode – “Kill the Choreography”

Can we say straight up that we love this act? The duo have a large sound that touches on the Talking Heads and many of your favorite old school tracks. Like many of our favorite tracks, we cannot come up with an adequate genre to place this in. Fun is the word that comes to mind. It is literally three minutes of glee filled textures and vocals that will make you say “damn” while falling in love. It also has a pretty deep message within the lyrics that we appreciate.

Mabes – “Keeping the Noise Down”

Singer songwriter Mabes has been one of our favorite finds in the last year. The artist has incredible talent for blending standard pop with soulful vocals, riveting lyrics, and sounds that are often not found within the genre. With “Keeping the Noise Down”, the artist gives up the game of striving to be someone else. Instead, she shows a wide audience what makes her unique and talented. She is a rising act you should be aware of.

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