Three unique new singer songwriters

Tyler James Bellinger – “Shame on me”
-This song doesn’t fit neatly into a genre, but it holds a lot of meaningful emotion. If you’ve ever felt a sense of personal shame and just wanted to scream into the night about it, this song is for you. The bluesy, soulful groove is powerful. I really appreciate that it has a pop polish to it, but remains so rooted in historical genres of pain. I’d love to hear this one get played on pop radio like… yesterday.

Jordan Prince – “The Crooked Rail”
-There’s this whole sound happening right now with Rusty Clanton and others, keeping a lyrically driven emotional rock style that’s really easy to listen to and enjoy. Jordan Price is right smack in the middle of that style and I’m so happy to support it. I love the way it sounds AND the way it makes me feel. The subtle harmonies from the backup vocalist here gives depth to the recording that makes it really stand out. I could listen to this kind of music all day. You should put it on your coffeeshop playlist and share it with two million of your closest friends.

Luke James Shaffer – “Who would have thought?”
-I could have put this Shaffer track in a folk playlist. Heck, he’s almost country with the inflections and overall composition style. But here’s what I want to you to pay attention to the most about Shaffer; it’s the sincerity in the message. This song is about looking FOREVER to find a love interest and then one day you meet them. “Against all odds” so to speak. If you’ve ever fallen in love and looked back on that “before you met them” moment, this song will resonate with you. It’s quaint.

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