Three peaceful neoclassical pieces

Igor Longhi – “Mimi”
-The relaxed piano work here from Igor Longhi is really soothing. I find the piece to have a wonderful mix of relaxation and movement. It’s not a piece that makes me want to fall asleep, but rather to thoughtfully reflect on things. As we live in such a divisive time (especially here in the States), something like this is perfect for giving that space to journal, meditate, pray, or just be alone. It’s beautiful.

Michael Logozar – “Bloom”
-The calming style of Logozar’s music is present from the moment you first press play. I’ve probably said it before, but the phrasing is why I love Logozar’s writing so much. There are these thoughtful lines that lead into each other with appropriate pauses along the way. It feels conversational and engaging. I can’t help but think this song is about taking a walk to enjoy the flowers, something we could all do a bit more these days.

Harry Maes – “On the waves of New Bedford”
-This is a captivating piece that defies description with words. You really just need to quiet your soul and spend some time listening. Harry Maes provides a beautiful basic structure with the piano and Karel Bredenhorst adds a beautiful cello part that completely enlivens the piece. The two sets of strings balance out for something that is, in a word, supernatural. You’ll hear this with your ears, but you’ll also feel it in your soul. I know I do.

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