Highly Compelling Songwriting

Radiochaser – “California Life”

A hopeful, post apocalyptic song about letting go of the vanity and greed that pervades everyday life” is how the songwriter explains the new track. It carries a level of optimism that is refreshing and needed during this current state of life but also a tremendous amount of tight songwriting. We were reminded of Conor Oberst and Elliot Smith when we heard “California Life”. These are two artists we do not compare many to because of their reverence, but what radiochaser does on the new track is remarkable and definitely worth your time.

SHY Martin – “Nobody Likes Moving On”

After working with many stars in the industry and accumulating over 3 billion streams on Spotify, the young artist is breaking new ground with intriguing pop. The heart on “Nobody Likes Moving On” is difficult to ignore. While many in the genre fall into sentimentality or fluff, SHY Martin crafts relevant and authentic pop that connects to large swaths of listeners. Her talent is on full display with her newest track.

Karima Francis – “Orange Rose”

“Orange Rose” is nothing short of spectacular. Emotive and hopeful, the track showcases an intriguing artist worthy of attention. Karma Francis shows why she has gained credibility in the industry and love from her impressive fanbase. What starts as an almost Killers like ballad, unfolds into what has a Angel Olsen vibe to it. Yet, like all things this artist does, it is unique and compelling in a way all its own.

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