This Week’s Best Indie Rock

Bedroom Days – “Blue Notes”

FFO: The National, The Cure

First, the band name seems to beautifully illustrate many of our days currently. Secondly, their sound on “Blue Notes” is incredibly relevant and emotive. It is a definite slow burning track that trades in resolution for the hum of a modern uncertainty. And it pays off. We love the duo of Cody Christian and Matteo Russo and are intrigued to hear more from the expressive act.

Tipling Rock – “Karma”

FFO: Beach Pop and chillin

The self-described “beach pop” vibes here are welcomed after a winter that lingered. The DIY band hit the right mood on “Karma” which is a woozy and upbeat track of summer goodness. The trio have a soulful and playful beat that sticks with listeners long after the track fades out. The act has an impressive 50+ million streams online and shows just how engaging their tight sound and talent are. Add to these numbers by turning the speakers up and hitting the pool.

Creo – “Juliet”

FFO: Combustible Indie Rock with creative vocals and catchy guitars

If you love your indie rock complete with catchy guitar parts, then let us introduce you to your new favorite track. “Juliet” has a rising sound that is carried with said guitar, before reaching near combustion with its chorus. Vocally it is refreshing in its uniqueness. The band leave a lasting impression with their creativity and encompassing sound. Creo are one of our favorite new acts we have heard.

Pale Oaks – “Muddy Waters”

FFO: Minus the Bear

Pale Oaks craft tight tracks that defy genres. Carelessly bouncing between styles, the act wear their influences on their tattooed sleeves. With their guitar driven tracks that are further carried with soaring vocals and tightly layered instrumentation, the act could easily fit in with some of your favorite emo acts of the 2000’s. Yet, the band are unique and incredibly relevant to the times in which they live. “Muddy Waters” is a fun track to hear from an earnest and talented act.

sym fera – “Little Things”

FFO: Post Rock, Radiohead, James Blake

This one took a little while to grow on us. The creativity and textured sound is mature and slow burning but also unexpected. We always appreciate acts like sym fera, who can surprise us with intricate sonic styles. “Little Things” unfolds beautifully and with the soul of a lost James Blake tune. The LA act are certainly intriguing and refreshing. Listen out for more from this compelling act.

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