Innovative Songwriters With Surefire Hits

Sherwyn – “My Mind”

FFO: George Clinton / Talking Heads / Prince

This has to be one of our favorite new discoveries. The music of Sherwyn is innovative, expressive, and danceable as all hell. Yet, it carries with it an impressive amount of expression that sets the songwriter apart from the pack. Honestly, you need more tracks like “My Mind” in your life – we all do. The funky and soulful track is everything great about how we spend our time as a site – scouring hours of buried tracks to give you the best undiscovered music out there. This is one of those rare tracks everyone needs to hear.

War Strings – “Archer”

FFO: Noah Gundersen / Brand New

There is a subtle quiver to the work of artist War Strings. We love the slow burning of “Archer”, the newest (and perhaps the best) exploration from an artist who shows his talent in his restraint. His art is truly something that pours out of the speakers and comes from a near death accident which found the artist bedridden for close to eight months. The isolation, fear, and resilience come through in the burning quiver of a talented and emotive songwriter. We are looking forward to his newest release, Who Cares How it Ends, which this beauty of a track finds itself on.

Rich Jacques – “Where is Home?”

FFO: Andrew McMahon / Snow Patrol

We like the sweet sway of “Where is Home”. The seasoned songwriter, Rich Jacques, has crafted a beauty of a track with his latest effort. The build and simplicity shows an artist who knows how to let a track breathe and when to push it through your earbuds. His croon is his strength and will drive listeners to explore his impressive catalog of tracks. We are happy to hear Jacques find a solid niche with his newest tracks. They tell of a talented and assured artist on the rise.

Cat Clyde – “Mama Said”

FFO: Etta James / Patsy Cline / ZZ Ward

If the vocals don’t immediately stop you in your cubicle (or home office), and make you say “damn”, then you need to check your pulse. Armed with a acoustic guitar and her understated but incredible vocals, the songwriter gives listeners many excuses to cause further swooning. Her Americana/folk vibes are fresh in how they fail to fall into the expected territory of so many. Instead, the creative songstress nods to the past while still forging new and interesting sonic territory.

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